【Application】IAPS x Thailand NSTDA – Food Acceleration Program

— About Food Acceleration Program –

3 Tech Startups will be SPONSORED by us

Food-tech & Agri-tech startups established within 5 years.
Existing strategies for the SEA market
Special Interest in improving the production efficiency and increasing physiological functions
One week in Thailand to meet Investors, Mentors & Corporations
Pre-trip Preparations + Post-trip Follow-ups
Keywords: Testing Field, Tax Incentives, Food-tech, Agri-tech, Business Matching, Investments

Overview: 10/27-11/02 in Thailand

Day 1 – Arrive Thailand BKK
Day 2 – Visit NSTDA Orientation four research center & Co-Working space
Day 3 – BOI (Board of Investment) & EECi office
Day 4 – Visit Green Innovative Biotechnology Co., LTD.(GIB) & Food Innopolis (FI- A Global Food Innovation Hub)
Day 5 – Business Matching Meet Investors e.g. Moonshot Venture, Bualung Venture.
Day 6 – Business networking with Thai food and agriculture companies
Day 7 – Departure from BKK
(We reserve the right to make changes to change the itinerary above)

— Application —

Updated Deadline: Sep. 6, 2019.
First Round of Interviews (Selective): 9/19
Final Selections: Second week of Oct. 2019
— About Our Partner: NSTDA —

NSTDA operates under Thailand’s Ministry of Science & Technology and sits at the center of Thailand’s industrial and agricultural technology development. Located in Thailand Science Park, NSTDA is the home to 4 national research centers. This special organization outside the normal framework of state enterprise and civil service enables NSTDA to take a broad-based approach to science and technology (S&T) development in support of national economic and social policies and allows it to respond not only to technological advances but also to the changing economic and social needs of the country.


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Jay Hsueh


  • 社團法人亞太加速器網絡協會監事
  • 奧樂科技行銷顧問


  • 澳洲昆士蘭大學商學研究所碩士
  • 台北大學應用外語系學士


  • 2013/08-2014/12順聯國際有限公司創辦人/執行長
  • 2012/07-2012/12 UniQuest 投資專員


  • 1. 創業管理/新創事業發展與管理/新創事業策略管理
  • 2. 財務規劃與分析
  • 3. 產業分析與市場研究

於澳洲留學期間專注於創新與創業學程,並獲得澳洲UniQuest 邀請成為投資計畫專案研究員,於澳洲參與新創事業投資評估以及輔導。2014 年協助奧樂科技行銷並獲得亞太資訊奧斯卡(APICTA)優勝。專長在於科學研究成果商業化、國際行銷、創新與研發管理,並具有創業以及輔導育成經歷。