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IAPS x Startup Go!Go! X ISCO

RegionFukuoka & Okinawa, Japan

Startup Go!Go!

Startup Go!Go! is a startup accelerator based in Fukuoka. They are well-experienced in supporting startups going to Japan. Startup Go!Go! has a wide range of connections with large corporates in Japan as well as mentors and VCs across various disciplines.

IT Innovation and Strategy Center Okinawa (ISCO)

ISCO aims to strengthen the economy of Okinawa and support industries by utilizing the latest IT innovation technologies. It provides the perfect testing ground for ICT innovations, especially in the fields of tourism, Logistics and manufacturing.

Target IndustryAI、IoT、Fintech、Biotech
Program Highlights
  • With Fukuoka being Japan’s “startup city” and Okinawa being Japan’s first “special economic zone”, the regions are especially suited for startups
  • Startup Go!Go! can provide local resources, including legal and financial advices and business engagements.
  • ISCO can assist with product testing and engaging corporates.
  • Mentorship & corporate engagements
  • Startup Go!Go!: Open Innovation Contest Prize Money
  • ISCO: tax incentive & logistics discounts
  • Seats at Tenjin colour in Fukuoka (coworking space)
  • Rental subsidies for foreign entrepreneurs (Fukuoka Government)

IAPS x Accrete Innovation
SEA Anchor Program


Accrete Innovation – SEA Anchor Program

Accrete Innovation’s flagship accelerator and incubation program SEA Anchor focuses on cross-border acceleration of tech-focused startups by speeding up their readiness to enter Southeast Asian markets.

The SEA Anchor programme is specifically designed by a team of experAienced ecosystem builders and key influencers with deep knowledge of the Singaporean and Southeast Asian markets to help startups develop the right strategies for these markets.

Target IndustryDigihealth, Fintech, Smart Logistics, Prop Tech, Lifestyle Tech, AI, IOT, Web & Mobile Tech
Program Highlights
  • 1 week pre-acceleration in Taipei
  • 2 weeks acceleration in Singapore
  • 3 months (optional) incubation with continuous mentoring across countries in Southeast Asia & enter Accrete Innovation’s profolio for fundraising
  • Program include: Mentorship, master classes, industry networking, investments
  • Possible investment by Accrete Innovation
  • Free coworking space at Collision 8



National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)

NSTDA operates under Thailand’s Ministry of Science & Technology and sits at the centre of Thailand’s industrial and agricultural technology development. Located in Thailand Science Park, NSTDA is the home to 4 national research centers. The organization focuses on agriculture, food, sustainable energy, healthcare, biotech, manufacturing and related fields.

Target IndustryFood Tech, Agritech
Program Highlights
  • Product Testing, Sales & Marketing Channels, Corporates Engagements in the agriculture and food industries
  • NSTDA’s Thailand Science Park provides an innovative and modern space for work and residence.
  • Entry to STARTUP Thailand 2019
  • Engage Blue Ocean Xelerator & BOI’s (Board of Investment) resources
  • Explore Southeast Asian market through Sappe Public Company
  • Mentorship and In-residency at Blue Ocean Xelerator’s SSP Tower
  • Tax incentives offered by Thailand’s BOI



HYPE Sports Innovation

HYPE Sports Innovation is an ecosystem dedicated to sports innovation, with 2,900 Global Sports & Tech Brand Leaders, 700 investors & VCs, 450 Clubs, more than 9,000 Sports Startups and over 29,000 Members Globally.

Target IndustrySports tech (& related applications)
Program Highlights
  • Online Masterclasses, Virtual Coffees, Workshops, Networking Events
  • Global network for mentorship, investment & corporate engagements
  • Demo day
  • Free Entrance
  • Possible overseas sports conference sponsorship
  • IAPS membership for post-program acceleration
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Jay Hsueh


  • 社團法人亞太加速器網絡協會監事
  • 奧樂科技行銷顧問


  • 澳洲昆士蘭大學商學研究所碩士
  • 台北大學應用外語系學士


  • 2013/08-2014/12順聯國際有限公司創辦人/執行長
  • 2012/07-2012/12 UniQuest 投資專員


  • 1. 創業管理/新創事業發展與管理/新創事業策略管理
  • 2. 財務規劃與分析
  • 3. 產業分析與市場研究

於澳洲留學期間專注於創新與創業學程,並獲得澳洲UniQuest 邀請成為投資計畫專案研究員,於澳洲參與新創事業投資評估以及輔導。2014 年協助奧樂科技行銷並獲得亞太資訊奧斯卡(APICTA)優勝。專長在於科學研究成果商業化、國際行銷、創新與研發管理,並具有創業以及輔導育成經歷。