Auto Fall Alert and Smart Hospital Management by Honeywld

According to statistics from the WHO (World Health Organization), “fall” is the second leading cause of accidental or unintentional injury deaths around the world, with the elderly accounting for the largest proportion. According to the statistical analysis of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan, 1 out of every 4 incidents that ends up in the hospital is due to falling. The number of falls reported by medical institutions in 2018 was about 17,360, which equals “2 patients fall per hour in Taiwan”. With the COVID-19 situation, it is even worse for those who are in a negative pressure isolation room since they are unable to get immediate care if they fall accidentally. Honeywld’s product “My Guardian” serves as the best auto fall alert for those isolated patients, and this product had already been installed in NTU hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Wang Fang Hospital, and so on. 

Besides their “MyGuardian” Auto Fall Alert, Honeywld also has its own system “K-eyes”. Since hospitals only have SOS buttons installed in specific places with limited coverage, along with the shortage of medical manpower requirements and the pressure of patients’ safety, “K-eyes” Smart Hospital Solution deploys a location-based sensor system in the hospital area through identification tags carried by the hospital personnel. In addition, the management platform meets the requirements of HIS (Hospital Information System), it largely improves the management efficiency and provides better medical care quality. It generally improves the efficiency of emergency treatment in hospitals.

About Honeywld

Specialized in cloud computing, smart home Applications, and healthcare-related IoT Technology, Honeywld provides the best IoT management solutions for home and enterprise.
Industry: IoT
Founded Date: Jan 2004
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Jay Hsueh


  • 社團法人亞太加速器網絡協會監事
  • 奧樂科技行銷顧問


  • 澳洲昆士蘭大學商學研究所碩士
  • 台北大學應用外語系學士


  • 2013/08-2014/12順聯國際有限公司創辦人/執行長
  • 2012/07-2012/12 UniQuest 投資專員


  • 1. 創業管理/新創事業發展與管理/新創事業策略管理
  • 2. 財務規劃與分析
  • 3. 產業分析與市場研究

於澳洲留學期間專注於創新與創業學程,並獲得澳洲UniQuest 邀請成為投資計畫專案研究員,於澳洲參與新創事業投資評估以及輔導。2014 年協助奧樂科技行銷並獲得亞太資訊奧斯卡(APICTA)優勝。專長在於科學研究成果商業化、國際行銷、創新與研發管理,並具有創業以及輔導育成經歷。