BeatInfo Precaution and GRTS by Singular Wings Medical

Singular Wings Medical’s device “BeatInfo Precaution” aims to monitor physiological signs in real-time. Their solution is to find suitable for mitigating the COVID-19 crisis as the system does record real-time physiological signals such as respiration, skin temperature, and one-lead ECG signals with a tiny wearable device.

Group Real-time Telecare System (GRTS) is a solution for healthcare when it comes to quarantine. The quarantine person will wear a monitoring device to check the changes in heart rhythm and breathing from the app. If the system detects any abnormality, it will immediately notify the relevant units and take appropriate measures. Through their AI-powered algorithm, it helps to identify the irregular heart rhythms, arrhythmia, abnormal respiration patterns, high fever trend, and cardiopulmonary fitness, real-time display of physiological status with a platform, and mobile app. Administrators can monitor and inform the user whose physiological signals is abnormal, and save lives before they encountered a severe situation.
Those who are currently under quarantine, they are equipped with a phone given by the healthcare unit. The chef of the village will call them 3 times a day in order to follow their health condition and check if they are really staying at home. However, this action takes a lot of time and effort. With the Group Real-time Telecare System, it organizes all the information automatically, making it easier for both the quarantined person and the healthcare unit. Since medical resources are limited, it is important to find a solution that can save time and provide resources to those who are really in need.

About Singular Wings Medical

Singular Wings Medical Co., Ltd. focus on health care and medical device including hardware design, software development and clouds platform services.
Industry: Medical 
Founded Date: December  2015

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