Access to Taiwan A2T Program

Program Structure

IAPS’s ​A2T Program is a market access sprint program specifically designed for non-Taiwanese Tech startups to engage the Taiwan startup ecosystem. The program is a great opportunity for overseas startups to access Taiwan’s manufacturing, R&D and traditional high tech industries as well as our deep tech talent pool. IAPS has a strong network of corporates, investors, venture builders and the top minds of different industries to help you establish a presence in Asia.

I:Evaluation & Mentorship

  • Online application, followed by IAPS evaluation to understand the startups’ needs and opportunities
  • Online kick-off meeting: Discuss business plan, introduce A2T program package and set up milestones
  • Virtual mentoring sessions
  • Ongoing support and follow up

II:Local Ecosystem Matchmaking

  • Business Meetings with potential partners and clients
  • Online Workshop: Provide related landing services (incorporation consulting, short-term coworking space access, etc.)

III: Marketing & Expos

  • A2T Rapid Landings:
    • Exhibit at startup expos in Taiwan (InnoVEX, Meet Taipei)
    • Pitch opportunities based on startups’ fundraising needs  
    • Visit Startup Terrace and networking with Taiwanese startups
    • Counsel startup for Entrepreneur Visa application

What We Look For

  • Non-Taiwanese Tech Startups
  • Asia Market Ready
  • Targeting Taiwan’s Manufacturing, R&D and hardware-software integration expertise

What You Get






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Jay Hsueh

Current Job Position

Supervisor, (APEC Accelerator Network, AAN)


  • M.A. in Queensland Graduate School of Business
  • Bachelor, Applied Foreign Languages, NTPU


  • CEO/Founder, 順聯國際股份有限公司 (2013/08-2014/12)
  • Investment Specialist, UniQuest  (2012/07-2012/12)


  1. entrepreneurial management /new venture development and management /new venture strategy management
  2. Financial plan and analysis
  3. Marketing Research and Industry Analysis

During studying in Australia, Jay focused on innovation and startup courses, after invited to by UniQuest to be the researcher of the investment program, he participated in investment evaluation and consulting of startup businesses. In 2014, Jay was awarded by the APICTA for advising marketing strategy for the oTHE Technology Inc. In addition to specializing in commercializing the achievement of scientific research, international marketing, and management of innovation and development, Jay also had the experience of startup and incubation advising.