ASPN Sports Tech Accelerator

Project Introduction

The ASPN Sports Tech Accelerator is supported by the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education Taiwan, and executed by IAPS ( Center of Industry Accelerator and Patent Strategy, NYCU). It collaborates with the 11 member economies of the APEC Sport Policy Network (ASPN) to jointly accelerate your sports tech innovation journey!

ASPN is composed of Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Philippines, and Chile. ASPN aims to promote international sporting events and talent development related to sports in the Asia-Pacific region and create a platform for member countries to exchange and share their experiences.

Under the ASPN Sports Tech Accelerator, IAPS and our international partners from the Asia-Pacific region, including BlackStorm Consulting Singapore, Startup GoGo Japan, Beyond 4 Malaysia, and QBO Innovation Hub Philippines, provide the best route for startups to enter the Asia-Pacific and Taiwanese markets!

Integrating official government resources from ASPN member economies, international cooperation partners in business, investment, and incubation, along with well-known corporate partners like Taiwan Decathlon, Taiwan Mobile, GSIC Powered by Microsoft and Sports Note, and over a hundred Taiwanese and Asia-Pacific mentors and professionals. We offer professional workshops and business matchmaking in the sports sector, focusing on the Asia-Pacific market.

🎯 Accelerated 104 startups from 22 different countries
💸 Created more than 28.0M USD worth of investment and business values for startups
🤝 Connecting startups with international companies in similar fields (Ex: Decathlon, Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd.), and creating POC chances.
🎓 Establishing an Eco-system chain of industry-academia cooperation.
💡 Provide 1-on-1 Sessions with 100+ Expert Mentors from around the world

We Are Looking for the Best Sports Startups

  • Electronic Devices & Training Equipment
  • Community & E-Commerce Platform
  • Venue Management & Event Organizer & Media
  • Data Analytics
  • Sports Health Science & Recovery
  • Training Simulation Courses & Games
  • Functional Textile & Materials
  • Sports Nutrition Technology



Kickoff Bootcamp


Full Body Check


Sport Universities Meetup


Midterm Review


Online/Onsite Workshops


Pitch Workshop


Business Matchmaking


Equity Workshop


Corporate Days


Pitch Review


Demo Day

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Jay Hsueh

Current Job Position

Supervisor, (APEC Accelerator Network, AAN)


  • M.A. in Queensland Graduate School of Business
  • Bachelor, Applied Foreign Languages, NTPU


  • CEO/Founder, 順聯國際股份有限公司 (2013/08-2014/12)
  • Investment Specialist, UniQuest  (2012/07-2012/12)


  1. entrepreneurial management /new venture development and management /new venture strategy management
  2. Financial plan and analysis
  3. Marketing Research and Industry Analysis

During studying in Australia, Jay focused on innovation and startup courses, after invited to by UniQuest to be the researcher of the investment program, he participated in investment evaluation and consulting of startup businesses. In 2014, Jay was awarded by the APICTA for advising marketing strategy for the oTHE Technology Inc. In addition to specializing in commercializing the achievement of scientific research, international marketing, and management of innovation and development, Jay also had the experience of startup and incubation advising.