NYCU Innovation Incubation Center(HSIN-AN)

Project Introduction

NYCU International Innovation Incubation Center (HSIN-AN Area) cooperated by IAPS and Hon Hai to guide startups with specific technologies to settle in. Through the establishment of startups cultivation mechanism provided by the International Accelerator, including coaching, investment matching, and market information/ Industrial information, product marketing pipeline links, product manufacturing resource, key technology links, etc., which enhance the market development energy and opportunities of start-up teams.

Provide cooperation mechanism for the stationed team to link resources of Hon Hai corporate, including:
1. Accelerated incubation project activities for startups: Linking high-quality startups at all stages.
2. Cooperation Opportunities for Startups Business and Technology: Accelerate the needs of cooperation between startups and related industries.
3. Product Testing and Manufacturing for Startups: Assist the startups to obtain manufacturing assistance from Innomaker.
4. Investment Evaluation for Startups: Matching startups with equity investment from Hon Hai’s investment department.

The center is located in the Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. building in the Hsinchu Science Park. Hon Hai contributed in the construction of an incubation space. Since it was officially opened in November 2011, 36 high-tech small and medium-sized companies have entered and cultivated, focusing on cloud software, Information and communications applications, green energy industry and other new ventures. Incubation space have successfully integrated the resources of the government to support small and medium enterprises, the value chain of the enterprise industry, and the advantages of high-tech settlements in the park.

NYCU International Innovation Incubation Center (HSIN-AN Area) gathers National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu Science Park and Hon Hai Resources in one place. The additional value of industry and academia is one of the highlights of assisting the stationed startups.


Science Park
938.65 square feet
Cooperation Mode: Cultivation Field for Technology Startups– The area of the industry value chain

– Commercial registration area of ​​the park
– The field of scientific and technological talents to interaction
– The first co-working space in NYCU and Hsinchu area

Environment and Equipment

– LED lighting equipment
– Well-equipped pantry
– Sufficient meeting space
– Card access control system
– 24 hours CCTV surveillance equipment
– Internet phone system
– Free Wi-Fi
– Independent air conditioning system for each cultivation room
– Comply with fire and public security regulations

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Jay Hsueh

Current Job Position

Supervisor, (APEC Accelerator Network, AAN)


  • M.A. in Queensland Graduate School of Business
  • Bachelor, Applied Foreign Languages, NTPU


  • CEO/Founder, 順聯國際股份有限公司 (2013/08-2014/12)
  • Investment Specialist, UniQuest  (2012/07-2012/12)


  1. entrepreneurial management /new venture development and management /new venture strategy management
  2. Financial plan and analysis
  3. Marketing Research and Industry Analysis

During studying in Australia, Jay focused on innovation and startup courses, after invited to by UniQuest to be the researcher of the investment program, he participated in investment evaluation and consulting of startup businesses. In 2014, Jay was awarded by the APICTA for advising marketing strategy for the oTHE Technology Inc. In addition to specializing in commercializing the achievement of scientific research, international marketing, and management of innovation and development, Jay also had the experience of startup and incubation advising.